We apply very stringent quality standards. In order to ensure consistently high quality products, we strictly enforce compliance to the internationally-recognized management system, such as ISO9001-2008, Kaizen and 5S. Compliance to stringent quality practices is expected to reduce wastage, ensure quality control, ensure proper maintenance of equipment and therefore reduce down-time due to machine problems.

By enforcing compliance to standard operating procedures, the quality assurance is applied throughout the production process, starting from raw material purchase (100% checking of input materials in order to identify and eliminate defect products prior to production, and evaluating materials during the production in order to request the supplier to fix minor defects and to stabilize the raw material quality) to production of POY, DTY and FDY (quality assurance and quality control in production process in order to eliminate defect products) and warehouse management . We conduct 100% quality check for semi-products (POY) and finished products (DTY & FDY).